The Lantana Wellness Fund exists to better support people in the postpartum period, regardless of income, race, gender identity or sexual orientation.

The United States is the only developed country in the world where the maternal mortality rate is on the rise. Sixty percent of maternal deaths are postpartum, and the sixth leading cause of death is "mental health conditions," which include suicide and drug overdose. Risk factors for postpartum mental health problems include elements inherent to the birthing and parenting (hormonal changes, sleep deprivation) but also:

  • Weak emotional support system

  • Strained relationships with a significant other

  • Breastfeeding and lactation difficulties

  • Physical changes or injuries resulting from birth

The current standard of care is a cursory visit at six weeks postpartum, and an impersonal screening form for postpartum depression. For most postpartum people. this is not enough to care for their mental  and physical health. Services such as counseling, lactation support and pelvic floor physical therapy can help, but may be out of reach due to general awareness, income restrictions or lack of health insurance. Additionally, negative maternal health outcomes skew disproportionately toward folks who are Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).


We aim to narrow this gap by funding these services for pregnant or postpartum people who need them, and aren't able to access them via insurance or private pay.


By increasing access to and awareness of the resources that exist in the pregnancy, birth and postpartum spaces, we hope to equip people with tools to thrive during this time of life.