Online Courses for Postpartum Prep?

Lately it seems like everyone who creates and posts content on Instagram has an online course. According to the internet you can solve your marriage problems, weight loss challenges and toddler tantrums with an online course!

Some of them are really pretty helpful. Many people have suggested that we do a Lantana Collective postpartum course. Here's why we probably won't.

Online courses are great for addressing issues that are very common across a population. If you've followed the Big Little Feelings Instagram over the last year, you know their content has resonated with almost two million families. And their course has probably netted them millions of dollars. They've provided value to the population they target, and it's been beneficial to the creators and the users.

Postpartum support is a little different. The way people feel in postpartum varies massively. Some birthing parents experience major hormone swings, baby blues or full-blown postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD or even psychosis. A one-on-one interaction that looks different based on the person's mindset is really the only way to address the gaps in care for postpartum people. While the Edinburgh Scale offers some opportunity for mental health screening (usually administered during pregnancy, at the single postpartum appointment after birth, and sometimes by pediatricians), it's easy to fake it. Checking a box that downplays the level of sadness, anger, or dysregulation is a white lie. Looking at another human being who asks how you're doing, and lying to their face (even on a screen) is tougher.

So at least for the time being, we won't be standardizing postpartum care content for the sake of profitability. Your postpartum experience is uniquely your own, and we intend to treat it that way.

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